• Are you fed up of constantly putting the effort in and getting nowhere?
  • Ready to finally get leaner and stronger?
  • Just trying to figure out where the hell to start your fitness journey and need someone to keep you on track?

If that’s you, then read on!

My mission is to help busy working professionals lean out and finally get some clarity on how to live a healthy lifestyle while gaining confidence and the knowledge that they want to see results! Whether it’s face-to-face or online, there’s loads of ways I can help you using my Lean Lifestyle system!

My Lean Lifestyle system came from years of experience of helping busy people who were fed up with wasting their short free time in the gym and getting nowhere.

Benefits of the system

  • Fit fitness around your lifestyle-make your routine work for you, based around your lifestyle and preferred training times.
  • Get educated-finally understand what really works and what doesn’t. Stop following fads and use real, evidence-based methods to get lean in a safe and healthy way!.
  • Dominate the weight room-see that the weight room isn’t as scary as you think! Build confidence in the weights area, learn safe technique and see just how strong you can be!.
  • Support and accountability-get support outside your sessions through my client facebook group, weekly check-ins and on-going support for any help you may need. 


Monthly Membership-COMING SOON

Looking for a routine and some helpful info but not sure where to start? Want to try out a structured routine and have access to practical exercise and nutrition advice? Sign up for a monthly membership and receive workout routines and access to the client facebook group where you can learn useful info to help you get your nutrition on track! And if you ever decide you want to upgrade to more personalised guidance, see the below options for more!

Online Coaching 

Location: Anywhere
Times: Anytime

Life can be hectic and not everybody’s schedule, location or finances suit face-to-face personal training. Luckily for you, there’s still a way you can get the structure and guidance you need to help reach your goals even without face-to-face supervision or breaking the bank. The online coaching package is designed to help provide you with a workout routine, a sensible nutrition approach and the support and accountability you need to keep you on track, no matter what the goal is! You could be someone who’s experienced and wants some accountability, a complete beginner who just wants some structure or even someone who doesn’t even want to train in a gym! There’s a host of routines that can be designed whether you’re a barbell junkie or someone who wants to get fitter at home with even just with their own bodyweight. 

Affordable, flexible to your own schedule, but still personal. What more could you want?

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1-1 Personal Training

Location: Puregym Edinburgh Exchange Crescent
Times: Monday-Friday:7am-4pm

Why not get some guidance and supervision to help you along the way to reaching your goals? No matter which 1-1 training package you pick, every session will be entirely designed around you and what will help you work towards achieving your mission! You’ll get leaner, stronger and more confident than you may have thought possible and you’ll develop a sound understanding of training and nutrition along the way.

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Small Group/Semi Private Training

Location: Puregym Edinburgh Exchange Crescent
Times: Tuesday and Wednesday at 8am
Sunday: 12noon-5pm

Always wanted to work out in the weights area with a group of people without the ego and without people slamming the weights? Or maybe you enjoy the social side of classes but want something a bit more personal to you? Why go on a journey alone when you can have some company along the way? Take part in full body free-weights sessions and push yourself alongside a small group of other likeminded people in a fun and social environment! You’ll build confidence, get stronger and have fun doing it! To make sure everybody gets the supervision they deserve, sessions are limited to a capacity of 4 people. No matter what your ability or experience level, you’ll get an effective and safe full body session for you! And if you want to bring someone else along for the ride too, you can book out a private slot just for you and your friend(s)!

Let me show you how fitness can be fun (and how strong you can really get)!

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If you want to finally get out of a rut and start seeing results, why not arrange a free strategy call where we can decide what best approach to take for you and your lifestyle?

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last from 50-60 minutes, depending on the content of the sessions. In order to get the most out of your sessions you’ll want to show up on time or possibly even a few minutes before if you want to warm up before the session.

How much do sessions cost?

See our pricing plan here.

How do payments work?

All payments are at a monthly rate via direct debit.

What if the gym is closed?

In some instances, gyms may be closed (e.g. lockdown or other extenuating circumstances). In this instance, all face-to-face sessions will be delivered remotely via facetime or zoom.