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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Coach


4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Coach

With so much free advice floating about the internet, it’s very easy to google anything you want to know about training or nutrition without having to speak to a coach. However, if it was really that easy then everyone would be in shape, right? The truth is, there’s actually so much info out there that it can be tricky to figure out what the best approach is, what to focus on and whether you’re even doing it correctly. And when you’re a busy professional who just wants to make the most of your spare time, relying just on the internet or the latest fads can lead to you spinning your wheels and feeling like you’re getting nowhere. 


This is just one of the many reasons why people have hired me in the past. They’re frustrated with trying fad diets or generic workouts that don’t work and they just want to know what they need to do and how they need to do it in order to reach their goals. But there are many other reasons you should invest in a coach. And I use the word “invest” because that’s exactly what hiring a coach is, an investment in your own health and wellbeing.  Here are 5 reasons why investing a coach is money well spent:


1.  It takes out all the guesswork


When your day to day life consists of conference calls, chasing up emails and just trying to manage that heavy workload you have day after day,  the very thought of trying to make your own workout routine can be exhausting! And then there’s the question of where to start? So many different articles saying that X diet is best, that you shouldn’t eat X and that THIS exercise is the BEST way to burn body fat, build muscle, tone up or whatever crazy result they promise you. Just browsing the internet for the right answer is a huge hassle! 


That’s where a coach can come in handy. You don’t have to think about what diet method works best, what workouts to do and how to make your own workout routine, it’s all done for you.  Before any client starts (or even gets charged) I always take a few days to design their welcome pack which outlines their whole workout routine delivered through my custom app alongside their nutrition guidelines. No more second-guessing yourself, no more wasting time in the gym doing workouts that just make you tired without getting you results. Just the important stuff that you need to do to get results.


2. It keeps you accountable


In your job, you show up every day at the office and put in the hours because there are people to hold you accountable, people who make sure you’re consistently putting in the effort.  People often claim that they’re lazy and that’s why they can’t stay consistent with their nutrition. But the truth is far from it! If you were lazy, you wouldn’t be able to show up and work long hours in your day-to-day working hours. More often than not, a lack of consistency is down to someone not keeping you accountable.  When you invest in a coach, you’re getting someone who’s keeping you accountable to improve your health and lifestyle, not to force you to finish that spreadsheet or follow up with a client.


It’s someone who’s in your corner, someone who wants to help you stay consistent so you can continue to make progress and overcome any plateaus. 


3. It saves you time, money and a lot of frustration long-term


It’s mindboggling some of the things people will waste their time and money on. Meal replacement shakes restrictive diets, wacky workout plans and fads that just don’t work. People will spend hundreds of pounds on these things and get frustrated when they make no progress. Or even worse, they see great results, only to lose their progress weeks later. Any coach worth their salt will care about getting you results and helping you KEEP them long-term. I’m not a quick-fix merchant or someone who’ll throw a meal plan at someone and force them to starve themselves for 8 weeks just to get a good “transformation” photo. If it doesn’t bring about sustainable change, it’s not worth it.


Investing in a coach that thinks of the bigger picture long-term will save you that constant hassle of losing then regaining weight. They’ll help you take control of your lifestyle to manage your exercise and eating habits for life, not just a few weeks. And if pricing ever seems like an issue just think to yourself: how much have you spent so far on supplements, workout plans and fad diets or weight loss programmes that haven’t worked? How much money would you save over the course of your life if you invested in a decent coach who doesn’t care about quick fixes? Imagine NEVER having to spend money on those things ever again?


For that higher price investment, you’ll save yourself money and a lot of time long-term while fitting it into your lifestyle.


4. It makes nutrition and exercise simple and easier to fit into your lifestyle


Let’s face it, the influencers and fit pros who try and sell you these diet plans and workout routines don’t live the busy life that you do. They don’t work long hours in the office and they don’t care about the struggles that you face. A template routine will only get you so far until you find you just can’t adhere to it and that it just doesn’t coincide with your lifestyle. Which is why you need someone who can tweak your workout routine and your diet to suit you, not the other way around. Far too many fitness professionals just throw a meal plan and a workout routine at people and expect them to religiously adhere to it without considering that this approach may not be best for their client. 


If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it’s just not going to work long-term. The thing might go well for the first couple of weeks when motivation is high but once those work deadlines start to loom and those working hours start racking up, it’s going to be very hard to stay consistent with your exercise or nutrition. Which is why it’s worth having someone who can monitor how you’re doing, check-in with you regularly and make those small adjustments so you can stay on track. Whether it’s chatting during a 1-1 session with my personal training clients or sending a personalised check-in video, clients can always be assured that they have someone to help them stay consistent and, as a result, fit fitness into their lifestyle.


Personal Training or Online Coaching isn’t dirt cheap (if it’s a solid service being delivered anyway) and I’m not going to pretend it isn’t. As I’ve said in this article, there is a myriad of benefits that investing in a coach can bring you. It stops you second-guessing yourself, keeps you accountable, saves you a lot of money long-term and can help you finally take control of your fitness while fitting it around your lifestyle. It is not a quick-fix solution but rather an investment in your own long-term wellbeing.


If you feel that you’re ready to make that investment and want to see if I’m the right fit for you, then fill in an application to book your free call.


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Christopher Anderson is a Personal Trainer and Online Coach who specialises in helping busy Lawyers, Investors, Analysts and working professionals get leaner, stronger and more confident without sacrificing their social life

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